Why Lean-To Conservatories Remain a Popular Choice

Lean-to conservatories are as popular as they’ve ever been. The lean-to conservatory, often called a traditional or sun lounge conservatory, is fairly basic in appearance but is a very practical choice because it makes the absolute best use of your available space.

The lean-to conservatory is also a very popular option for cottages and bungalows because the style works well with properties with low eaves. The lean-to differs from the Edwardian conservatory because the roof of the lean-to slopes from the front of the conservatory straight up to the house.

One of the great things about a lean-to, or traditional, conservatory is that it’s a very cost-effective option. It provides maximum floor space at a lower cost than fancier-looking conservatories.

One of the most important parts of your conservatory, in terms of durability and weather resistance, is the roof. Most lean-to conservatory roofs come in aluminium, which offers both a strong solution and easy installation in PVCU cladding.

For the roof covering on a lean-to conservatory, polycarbonate is often favoured, which usually comes in two thicknesses – 25mm and 35mm. Energy-saving glass, often in a tint, is available, too, along with double-glazed safety glass.

With such a simple design, it’s also very easy and cheap to upgrade your lean-to conservatory to a glass roof.

Most lean-to or sun lounge conservatories come in three styles: dwarf wall, infill panel and glass-to-ground.

As well as the modern style of the lean-to conservatory and the great use of space, the lean-to also offers a very versatile solution for a modern home. It works well as a dining room, a playroom, an office, a hobby room, a gym, or just somewhere to chill out and watch the garden all year round.

Design-wise, the lean-to conservatory is also a versatile solution. There’s no limit to the width of your lean-to conservatory – it can run right along your house and even extend around corners in an L-shape, if you have the space. It can also project into your garden for up to about four metres.

For added elegance, the gullwing conservatory is a good alternative to the lean-to. Contemporary and stylish, the gullwing is particularly suitable for covering a wide area – it’s great if you want it to span right across your property. It has a distinctive look, thanks to the roof, which fans out from a central wall plate. Offering maximum floor space on the inside and style on the outside, the gullwing offers homeowners the best of both worlds. replacing conservatory roof with solid roof

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