Upgrade Your Conservatory With a Replacement Conservatory Roof

If you’re looking to give your conservatory a whole new lease of life, a replacement roof is one way to do it. Whether your existing polycarbonate or glass roof is causing a lot of heat loss, or you simply want to use your conservatory more frequently, this could be the answer.

With the introduction of our new Livinroof and Ultraroof solutions, you can upgrade your conservatory to a modern home extension that can be used all year round. Both of our replacement roof systems have been designed to provide a high level of thermal performance, as well as allow in plenty of natural light. They are available in a range of roof styles including Victorian, Double-Hip, Gable and Lean-To.

As long as the structure and frame of your old conservatory are sound, you don’t usually need planning permission to add a solid tiled roof. However, you’ll need to make sure that the cladding and insulation you choose is lightweight and that it doesn’t exceed the weight of your existing frames. This is because cladding and insulation can cause structural deflections that may lead to leaks and damage.

If you want to avoid this, our Leka roof system has been JHAI approved and is compliant with Building Regulations. This means that it should be ok to install, and will also help you when it comes to selling your home as it will prove that the roof has been fitted to industry standards.

Once your conservatory has been upgraded with a solid roof, you can enjoy the benefits of an all-year-round space that you can use as an extra reception room. It’s much easier to regulate temperature and will allow you to let in more sunlight than a conservatory with a traditional glass or polycarbonate roof.

In addition, it will have an impact on your energy bills. A replacement conservatory roof with a U-value of 0.18 is 15 times more thermally efficient than an older polycarbonate or glass roof, meaning that you’ll spend less on heating your property during the winter.

In terms of aesthetics, a solid roof will transform your conservatory into an area that looks like it’s part of the house. This will have an impact on your house valuation and will also mean that potential buyers will be more likely to view your home as a suitable place for them to live. If you’re unsure about the impact that this could have, read this article by On The Market to find out more. Replacement conservatory roof

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