What Does YouTube Think Is Relevant and Interesting

When you head to YouTube either on the website or through a mobile app, you’re immediately shown a number of videos that YouTube thinks might be relevant and interesting. These recommendations are based on what the platform knows about you – how you use YouTube, what kinds of videos you watch and how long you spend watching them. The algorithm also takes into account what you’ve liked, disliked and shared on YouTube as well as your search history.

Whether it’s about how to do something or simply entertaining, instructional videos are popular among many viewers. This is especially true for tutorials that are aimed at teaching something new to the viewer. They’re also great for showing how products work and for explaining how things are made. These types of videos are often very useful to consumers who may not have the time or patience to learn how something on their own.

Another type of video that’s growing in popularity is product reviews. This is a good way for brands to reach a large audience with minimal budget and effort. These videos can be found on YouTube, as well as on other video-based social media platforms such as Dailymotion.

A video’s description is critical in order to get the most views possible. It displays in search results, on the video watch page and in the “show more” expansion. It’s important to include a clear call to action and make sure the most important information is at the beginning of the description. The first 200 characters are typically displayed (depending on the device) so they should be written carefully. You want to have your keywords in there as well, but avoid overstuffing.

Likes on videos are important to video creators because they can help their videos rank highly in YouTube’s search results. However, there is a dark side to the “thumbs-up” that can have a negative impact on a video’s ranking. This is because some users erroneously believe that the quality of a video is directly proportional to its number of views, and it can become a form of social validation.

As a result, some YouTube content creators focus too much on making their videos popular for the sake of it. For example, some gamers or vloggers may publish a video that is controversial in order to attract attention and increase their views. However, this approach can backfire and lead to a backlash or even legal action.

There are other ways to get more views on your videos as well, including sharing them on social media sites. You can also promote your video by using paid advertising to draw in an audience. YouTube ads are usually 30 seconds in length and you have to keep the viewer on the ad for at least that amount of time in order to be paid. This can be difficult for some videos, but there are a few tricks that can be used to encourage people to stay on the ad longer. youtube like

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