The Adjutant General Folks From Fort Rucker Alabama

The Adjutant General Folks From Fort Rucker,Guest Posting AlabamaOn 28 January 2006, I had the wonderful privilege of attending a special reunion in Ozark, Alabama.

It was sorta like a family reunion, although only few there were kinfolks.

You see, the reunion was for former civilian and military who had worked at the Fort Rucker Adjutant General’s office.

As I drove the 230 miles from Blackshear, Georgia to Ozark, I began to recall faces and fond memories of those good people with whom I had worked.

I had the honor of being assigned to the Adjutant General (AG) section on two occasions…from October 1973-January 1975.

I was an Army Specialist Four and I was assigned there as an enlisted records clerk.

My first boss was a wonderful person, Jeannette Senn, and my first job there was to hang a new door.

You see, I was the only man working in the office.

I really learned much there, and I also met many of the other AG workers that worked throughout that old World War Two barracks that was converted to office space.

My oldest daughter, Joy, was born in nearby Ozark, and after her birth, I was reassigned to Germany.

In June 1985, I was once again assigned to the Fort Rucker AG office.

This time, I was a warrant officer, and was appointed to be the Chief, Personnel Actions Branch.

I was excited about going back to Fort Rucker to see some old familiar faces.

I was not disappointed.

I walked into that complex, and it was as if I had never left.

Many of the same civilians were there…

Jeannette, Pheobie Wilson, Barbara Shirah, Martha Cotton, Paula Jackson,  Belle Sheehane, Jackie Poss, Helen Reynolds, Mrs. Billie, Mrs. Myrna and others too numerous to mention.

I was reassigned from Fort Rucker in October, 1986, but I was there when Mrs. Sheehane, a faithful employee of the AG for years, and a fine lady, retired.

We gave her a swing with a sign that said, “just a swangin”.

Some of the soldiers assigned to Fort Rucker I knew from other places.

Chief Warrant Officers (all retired), David Trevathan, Danny Wilson, Billy Witherington and I had shared assignments at other places.

I met David in 1973 at Fort Rucker, and later in 1984, we were both with the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.

Danny was in Hawaii and we were together at Fort Rucker my second time there.

Now Billy Witherington was (and still is) a special friend.

We were stationed together in Augsburg Germany in the mid seventies.

At that time we were both Specialists Five, and were promoted to Staff Sergeants around the same time.

I was appointed as a warrant officer, and went to Fort McClellan, Alabama, and a few months later, Billy was assigned there…not only at the same place, but we worked in the same AG office.

It wasn’t long before Billy made warrant officer, and then he left for Germany.

When I arrived at Fort Rucker in 1985, Billy worked right down the hall from me.

His wife, Brigette, is also a special friend, and a wonderful person.

Yesterday, as I began to recall some of the times and events during my Fort Rucker AG time, I was humbled to know that all of the ones there were a part of me, a part of my memories, and I was very thankful to be there.

In that room, was a great group of people who had affected the lives of many thousands of soldiers and their families.

Some in the room had worked for over 40 years in the military personnel field.

What a vast treasure of experience was in that room!

Major (Retired) Butts asked the blessing over the catered meal, and the time of food and fellowship was beyond compare!  Many stood up, and gave testimonies of their experiences while working at the AG office.

It was a delight to hear these stories.

Working in those old cold buildings, not because of the great financial reward but because of the love they had for our great country, and the soldiers and their families.

AG folks are a special breed indeed!

I am thankful to the good Lord that in His mighty wisdom and providence, allowed me to be a part of this great AG family.

I pray that God  would continue to bless the current and retired AG family, and those who are still carrying on the tradition of “Service to the Soldier”.

Thanks Pheobie and Martha for a precious reunion. allstate customer service

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