How a Virtual Receptionist Can Help Your Business

A virtual receptionist is a skilled, remote customer service representative that represents your business to your callers. They’re trained to provide a positive experience and uphold your company’s brand reputation while multitasking with ease.

Between meetings, appointments, and deadlines, small business owners don’t have the time to answer every incoming phone call. But letting calls go unanswered can lead to lost opportunities and a poor customer experience. And hiring a full-time receptionist is prohibitively expensive for many companies.

Instead, you can leverage a virtual receptionist to make sure no call goes unanswered—even after your office closes for the day or weekend. They’ll provide the same level of customer service that your team provides in-office, and they’ll do it for a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee.

When you choose a virtual receptionist, you’ll work with a service rep to customize an ideal script that guides them in answering calls on your behalf. It will include all the policies, processes, and preferred language of your business so that the callers feel they’re reaching out to a familiar person. Many BPO firms also employ multilingual agents, allowing you to tap into a wider pool of potential customers.

Virtual receptionists don’t just field phone calls, but can also handle client and leads inquiries via email, text, and live chat. They’ll screen new leads to determine if they’re an ideal fit for your business and can schedule appointments or sales calls directly on your calendar. They’ll also send follow-up emails and texts with all the information your clients need to prepare for meetings. virtual receptionist

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