Buying a Gas Mask For Sale

With wildfires, pandemics, and nuclear threats raging across the world in 2020, it’s important to prepare for any kind of disaster. One of the most essential pieces of equipment to have is a gas mask for sale, a type of respirator that filters out dangerous chemicals from the air you breathe.

A gas mask will help prevent serious health issues from smoke inhalation, viral pathogens, and other chemical threats to your body. These can cause respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, and other diseases. The purpose of a gas mask is to protect the user from these dangers, and they can be life-saving in a worst case scenario.

You can find a variety of gas masks for sale online, but not all are created equal. Many are surplus, outdated, or just low-quality clones. Some are even unsafe and filled with dangerous substances such as asbestos or chromium.

Choosing the right gas mask depends on your threat level and the type of prepping you do. Generally speaking, you need to have at least a CBRN (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) rated mask that’s easy to use, durable enough for prolonged wear, and has a wide view visor. This is not a cheap piece of gear, and you should only buy one from a reputable seller.

The best place to start is with a military surplus mask that’s rated to the standard you want. The top brands include MSA, Mestel, Honeywell / Sperian / North, 3M, and others. These are the same companies that make personal protective equipment for law enforcement and other first responders.

If you’re looking for something to protect your family, consider a youth size of the NATO 4A1 mask. This version is designed for kids but made to a good quality standard, and it uses the same filters as adults. The youth version is also available from some militaries, including the British S10 model and versions of the Russian GP-5 or Israeli Shalon 10A1.

Be careful when buying surplus gear, as it’s often used by military personnel in training. If it’s been used in an emergency, the filter could have been contaminated or even filled with asbestos. It’s also important to know your options when it comes to CBRN protection, since not all masks are created equal. Some, like the older MSA Millennium, are obsolete and should be avoided, while others such as the FR-M40 are more up to date. If you’re considering the older MSA Millennium, look for a “M50” model, not the MCU-2/P or FR-M40 models. These are often sold as props by sellers who don’t disclose that they’re not real. The M50 is easier to wear and has a wider viewing angle, but it’s not as reliable as the newer models. gas mask for sale

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