Why Norcold RV AC Units Fail

Having a refrigerator that keeps your food cold and your ice cream frozen on a trip is essential. A norcold rv ac unit is perfect for an RV or mobile home and can be used with either propane gas or electricity. Norcold refrigerators are made in America and offer a variety of styles and sizes.

If your Norcold refrig is not cooling or has a odor of ammonia it needs to be replaced. The number one reason for cooling units failing is rusting and leaking ammonia. They can also fail due to being off level, if the refrig is on a steep incline that causes the charge solution to puddle and prevent it from flowing properly through the cooling unit.

Many of these problems can be solved by doing a simple test. If the fridge is not cooling or making ice the problem is usually way up on the back of the cooler where it is very hard to get at without pulling the refrig out. There is a small thermostat or thermister up there that can fail. It may have a loose connection or just be bad. It can also be caused by running the refrigerator on 110 full time, even though it is not designed to do that. This stresses the heat element, and can cause it to start leaking internally.

To check this, shut the refrig down, and remove the vent cover. Then plug it in to 110, and leave it on for 24 hours. If the refrig is still not cooling it will be a good indicator that the 110 heat element is not sealing. norcold rv ac units

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