Why It Is Important to Work With a Lake Charles DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence, or DUI as it is commonly called in Louisiana, is a criminal offense that can have severe consequences. These penalties may include jail or prison time, fines, the loss of driving privileges, and drug and alcohol counseling. Additionally, a DUI conviction can cause other issues outside of the courtroom, including employment challenges and family problems. That is why it is so important to work with an experienced lake charles dwi lawyer when facing these charges.

At Barkemeyer Law Firm, our firm has a lake charles dwi attorney with the skills and dedication to help clients fight these cases. We understand the intricacies of state and local law regarding DUI arrests. In addition, we know how to analyze the evidence in your case. We will use our 14 years of experience to pinpoint any errors in lab proof and get you the best results possible.

Many people are surprised to learn that there are two aspects of a DUI case: the criminal half, and the administrative half. The latter involves the Missouri Department of Revenue and your driver’s license revocation or suspension. Our firm will handle both halves of your case without delay, working hard to limit the impact that a DUI arrest will have on your life.

Our attorney, Shane Hinch, graduated from Albany Law School with a Juris Doctor. He will carefully review all the facts of your case to ensure that police followed proper protocols during your stop and arrest. He will also look for inconsistencies in police accounts of the event and investigate whether any tests were administered incorrectly. He will then use that information to build a strong defense for your case in court.

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