Why Does Michael Want to Kill Laurie?

If you’re a fan of the movie The Curse of Thorn, then you’ve probably wondered why does Michael want to kill Laurie. And it’s quite a complicated question, with many different reasons. Let’s explore some of them together.

Curse of Thorn

In Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, it is revealed that Michael Myers is under a curse. This curse was imposed by the Cult of Thorn, a mysterious druid group. It is said that the cursed one must kill his entire family on Samhain, or Halloween, in order to protect the community from disasters.

During the original film, Tommy Doyle babysat Laurie Strode. However, it appears that the daughter of Laurie and Mr. Lloyd was not a surrogate.

Michael Myers is a powerful killer who possesses the Curse of Thorn, a demonic force. He is also known as the Man in Black, and he leads the cult to murder people and take their lives.

There is a connection between the Curse of Thorn and the “Thorn trilogy.” A series of films in the Halloween franchise, these films deal with the Druid curse that was placed on Michael. The series continues the thread established in the original 1981 film.

The Mark of Thorn is a symbol of sacrifice. It appeared on the wrists of some of the Cult members, including Dr. Loomis.

Although it is unclear if the Mark of Thorn was a result of a coma or not, it appears to be the reason why Michael is strong and can survive.

Interestingly, Tommy Doyle has a definite dislike of Michael. According to the Producer’s Cut, he believes that the curse inflicted on Michael is the reason why he kills so many people.

Another important theme of the film is Thorn. Michael was possessed by a Thorn when he was young. His coma runs counter to Thorn lore, though.

Part 5 begins with a stormy night. Kara is attacked by Michael and chased into a laboratory. She hears a radio broadcast about Jamie. At first, she thinks it’s her sister. But when she realizes what’s going on, she runs across the street.

Obsession with Halloween

Halloween films have a history of focusing on Michael Myers and his sister, Laurie. Although they’ve given us three children across three time periods, they haven’t necessarily explained why Michael wants to kill his little sister.

The first movie, Halloween (1978), retells the legend of Michael Myers, who kills everyone in his home on the eve of Halloween. While it’s a decent film, there’s not much to say about the motive behind his actions.

Rather, the sequel Halloween Ends (2022) offers a more thorough explanation of Michael’s obsession with Laurie. However, the new movie doesn’t explain why Michael is so obsessed with her.

It does offer the Halloween-related trippy fact that he’s obsessed with the masks he’s used in his murders. And even though it’s a minor detail, it’s still a neat trick.

Another Halloween-related trippy fact: Michael’s obsession with Laurie stretches over three timelines. In each, he seeks to kill her.

Aside from the usual suspects, there are two other notable characters: Lindsy Wallace, the babysitter Michael’s sister once had, and Dr. Sam Loomis, the psychiatric doctor who’s consulted by Michael.

Despite his lack of a real motive, it’s hard not to believe that Michael is infatuated with Laurie. She’s the only one among the three that seems to have the attention of the monster.

If the sequel is anything like the previous film, we won’t learn much about this part of the story. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell if Michael will continue to stalk and kill Laurie.

However, Halloween Ends does remind viewers that the characters of the previous movies are alive and well. Also, it’s likely that we’ll find out more about the aforementioned Halloween-related trick in the next film.
Jamie’s nightmares give way to seizures and traumatic muteness

If you’re a fan of the Halloween series, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the homicidal maniac. In Halloween 2, there are a number of convoluted explanations about why Michael is the way he is. The most obvious is that he’s a stalker, but there are also many other theories. For instance, he’s the son of his parents’ murderer.

It’s not surprising that Loomis (Tom Cruise) has his sights set on killing Michael. After all, he’s dedicated his life to trying to contain his evil. He’s also the only person who has the skill to kill him, and it seems like he may not have much time left.

Jamie has had a lot of bad dreams about her uncle. These nightmares have caused her to suffer from seizures and traumatic muteness.

Eventually, she ends up in a hospital for mentally ill children. When she gets out, she’s still terrified of her Uncle Michael.

One night, her dreams become so real that she catches a glimpse of his face in a mirror. She feels something nearby, and she has a moment of panic.

Thankfully, she gets help from Nurse Patsey. With the assistance of her friend, Rachel, she manages to get out of the house. But she can’t find her mom. She has to call for her to come out.

While she’s at it, she finds a small box that contains her mother’s photo. As she’s looking at it, she hears something rustling in a bush. Luckily, she can’t see the masked figure, but the gimmick of the moment is seeing Jamie’s face in the mirror.

Afterward, she slips on the white mask her Uncle Myers had given her. Her first instinct is to run, but she stops when she hears him.

Jamie’s call to a radio station

Jamie Lloyd was a child who was adopted by the Carruthers family. She was also targeted for bullying at school, and her parents died in an accident. Her brother is John Strode, a real estate agent.

When she was a young girl, her mother, Laurie Strode, was killed in a car crash. Jamie was left as the primary target of Michael Myers. As a child, she was taken to a psychiatric facility.

Then, she escaped with the help of nurse Mary, and drove a stolen truck away. Now, she lives in Haddonfield, Illinois with her teenaged granddaughter Allyson.

But the cult that controls Michael Myers has now turned her into an enemy. Having been a passive victim, she’s now a huntress. And she’s finally gotten her chance to fight back.

It’s been over a decade since she was impaled by Michael. After all, her life is now full of nightmares.

But when she calls the radio station, she gets help. She hears that Michael wants to kill her. At first she thinks it’s just a prank. Later, she realizes that the rampage is still going.

Meanwhile, her father is getting angry. He’s upset about the way Michael has been treating his mother. Debra Strode, Jamie’s older sister, is also a victim of the cult. Corey Cunningham, a new character, connects her to Michael.

Michael eventually arrives, after Corey stole his mask. However, he’s not sure if he can kill Corey. In the original, Corey’s murder is a ploy to get closer to Laurie, but the film was cut.

During his rampage, he has been able to kill several people. Eventually, though, he’s forced to kill his victims because of the Cult of Thorn.

Tommy Doyle

One of the most important characters in the first Halloween film was Tommy Doyle. He was babysitter to Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. His story was featured in several newspaper articles after the murders. The original Tommy Doyle was played by Brian Andrews. This new version is played by Anthony Michael Hall.

As a child, Tommy Doyle was a huge fan of horror comics and stories of monsters. He became obsessed with Michael Myers.

As an adult, Tommy continues to chase down the killer. He learns about a group called the Cult of Thorn, which forces Michael to kill people.

The group also includes Jamie’s father, John Strode. He is a shady real estate agent who is also an abusive dad. When his daughter gives birth to a child, he flees to a mysterious group of druids.

In the sequel, Halloween Kills, Michael Myers returns to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois. The city is devastated. It seems like everything is going down to the wire. With the help of a man named Dr. Loomis, he can finally put an end to the killing spree.

However, he doesn’t know that the person he’s been stalking has a secret: Dr. Loomis is also a mysterious Man in Black.

Part 5 begins with a stormy night. Michael’s murder weapon is a Chekhov’s gun. He slashes Sheriff Brackett. Despite the fact that the Sheriff tried to shoot him in the head, he survived.

Michael kills Tim and Beth, after they sleep together. He then retakes Corey’s mask. And, he kills the firefighters who tried to stop him.

The movie also features a few of the townspeople. They try to fight back against Michael Myers’ reign of terror.

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