Why Choose a New Conservatory Roof?

A new conservatory roof is a great way to make the most of your home’s existing space and turn it into an all-year-round living room. It’s also a cost-effective option to boost your property’s value.

You can choose a glass, tiled or solid roof that will suit your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for an affordable replacement or an all-singing, all-dancing extra room, Vulcan Windows can help you get the conservatory of your dreams!

Our insulated conservatory roof systems are designed to keep you comfortable all year round, making them the perfect addition to any refurbishment or new extension project. They are easy to install, offering a lightweight and highly insulated alternative to traditional polycarbonate or glass roofs and they also come with a guarantee of up to 40 years!

The insulated conservatory roof system can be customised to fit any existing conservatory frame. We can create a unique look and feel for your space with a range of colours to choose from or go for the timeless appearance of slates and tiles.

There are a number of benefits to having a new conservatory roof installed, including better insulation and cheaper energy bills. The new conservatory roof can be constructed to the exact size and shape of your existing roof, so no need to worry about a gap in the wall when it’s fitted.

An insulated conservatory roof has a ten times greater thermal efficiency than an A-rated window, meaning you can keep your house warm for longer and save money on your heating bill. As well as this, the insulated conservatory roof will reduce noise from neighbours and improve air quality in your property.

Conservatory roofs are also the most important part of a conservatory as they help to regulate temperatures and provide ventilation, which can prevent mould and mildew from forming. It’s important to find a conservatory roof that’s made out of the right materials, such as aluminium, steel or timber to ensure your investment stays safe and effective for years to come.

The Icotherm conservatory roof is a modern, thermally efficient and lightweight roof that can be installed in just three hours. It’s fully building regulation compliant and insulated to the highest standards. It’s also waterproof and fire retardant, so you can enjoy your newly built conservatory all year round without any concerns about the safety of your home or family.

Our bespoke tiled roofs are the lightest and strongest on the market so they are an excellent choice for replacing your existing glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof. They can be matched to the tiles in your home and offer a seamless look, complementing any style of home and providing a beautiful focal point.

A bespoke tiled roof is also the best option to protect your conservatory from the elements and help to maintain its aesthetic appeal over time. It can be a stunning addition to any property and add real value to your home.

If you’re considering adding a new conservatory to your home in Market Weighton, then get in touch with the team at Vulcan Windows today. We can help you choose the perfect roof for your needs and budget and get the process started today!

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