What is Your Health Score?

Health score is a way to grade your customers on a variety of metrics that can indicate if they are happy or not. This can help you spot churn risks, and identify brand champions that are more likely to be converted to referral or upsell opportunities.

To determine what factors make up your health score, you need to know what you want to track and how to measure it. For example, you may choose to monitor key indicators like customer satisfaction (NPS and CSAT), feature adoption, account logins, and support ticket activity to see if customers are getting value out of your product. Then, you must decide how to weight these data points and create a score that measures your success criteria.

Having the right tools to collect and automate health scores can save time for your CSMs and reduce maintenance overhead, especially if you have a large number of customers that need to be monitored on a regular basis. The best customer health score software will also have a standardized definition of what each factor means, so you can be confident that your team is using the same criteria to evaluate the health of your customers.

Once you have your scoring system in place, it’s important to set clear goals and targets so that you can accurately forecast customer retention rates and use this information to improve your business. You can even identify trends across your customer base that will allow you to make strategic improvements in your product and processes. health score

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