What Is Overnight Care?

Overnight Care is a type of home care that can be beneficial for seniors who have difficulty sleeping through the night. Frequent wakefulness can be especially dangerous for seniors with dementia who may wander at night. Having a caregiver that’s on hand throughout the night can give them peace of mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

Elderly Care Providers can assist with a variety of needs during the overnight hours, such as medication reminders and monitoring for falls. Caregivers can also help with night-time toilet breaks and make sure seniors are comfortable in their bed, reducing the risk of pressure sores. If your elderly loved one is prone to munching on unhealthy snacks later in the night, overnight care services can help them improve their diet.

Forgetfulness is another common reason for aging adults to choose overnight care. It can be frightening to find your elderly loved ones have left their stove on or have even opened the door, but an attentive caregiver will monitor the environment and prevent accidents from occurring. For some, depression can set in during the evening hours, and a compassionate overnight caregiver can provide emotional support and companionship to prevent them from harming themselves while depressed.

Overnight care can be a great option for individuals with behavioral issues or cognitive problems that make sleep difficult. For example, a senior with dementia might often wake in the middle of the night and be confused and disoriented, leaving them at greater risk for falls or putting them at risk for wandering, which can cause distress. A waking carer can keep an eye on your elderly relative and be on hand to help them at any time. Overnight Care

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