Voice Over Artists – How to Succeed in the Voice Over Field

Aspiring voice over artists flock to this field in droves – attracted by the promise of flexible, portable freelance work. They come from a variety of educational and career paths, including experienced actors, singers, radio DJs, podcasters and other professionals who already have performance experience. Many are semi-professionals, picking up voiceover jobs as supplementary income while they pursue other passion projects or careers, and some are highly successful top professionals who make their living solely from voice acting work.

Regardless of their background and experience, all voice over artists must cultivate a suite of soft skills. Having an evocative, ear-catching voice is essential, but so too are communication skills, adaptability to feedback and working outside of one’s comfort zone. They must also be punctual and reliable.

One of the greatest challenges for a new VO actor is to develop their craft quickly, acquiring and refining a wide range of performance techniques in order to be able to tackle whatever assignment comes their way. For this reason, they often rely on voice coaches or workshops to help them build their technical expertise.

Voiceovers are more than just reading words off a page; they should be performed with natural articulateness, and a natural sense of timing and intonation. This is especially important in highly technical content, where a clear, authoritative voice can help viewers understand the material and gain confidence in your brand. Similarly, explainer videos require natural articulation and a friendly tone that keeps viewers engaged throughout the video. voice over artists

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