Voice Broadcasting: Perfect for Cold-Calling Chickens!

Ok,Guest Posting lets see what marketing tools you’re using:

  • Website
  • Banner
  • Classified Ads
  • MySpace
  • Ezine articles
  • Pay per click
  • Squidoo Lens
  • Hub page

You’re looking good so far.  These tools are pretty typical of the common Internet marketer’s tricks.

But the astute “I want to make tons of money” marketer doesn’t stop here.  Anyone involved in direct marketing would be making an enormous error not to take advantage of the benefits that come with voice broadcasting.  Voice broadcasting has the ability to intensify and increase any marketing plan.

Currently, everybody is smoking that Web 2.0 stuff all of the “hip” gurus are handing out.  Things like blogging, video and viral advertising and pay per click ads are promoted everywhere on the internet and worldwide.

Whatever the case may be, the telephone is still an amazing tool even though the up-and-coming Gen X and Y may overlook it.  Maybe I’m old fashioned,but,as far as I’m concerned, the telephone is a very strong implement,a dangerous weapon if you will.

However, to get back to reality, there are few I know who wish to make cold calls. Most break out in hives when you mention calling someone you don’t know and pitching them on something they didn’t ask you to call about.  OMG!

Most are scared to death at the idea of making a 100 calls each day.  I bet some of you actually have a knot in your stomach right now just thinking about cold calling.  All right,take a chill pill, Will.  What if you could have someone else do the dirty work for you?

Imagine how easy it would be if all you had to do was follow up with interested contacts, inviting them to conferences or sharing information on relevant web sites.  Even a lousy salesperson can do that!

How about cutting your calling time down to a mere hour  — while still generating at least 20 leads a day?  Does this peak your interest?

Voice broadcasting allows you to program the system in such a way that it will make those horrible cold calls for you.  Budget an hour to touch base with the potential contacts then relax.

Combining voice broadcasting with new internet-based strategies will assure you a homerun in your next campaign. 해외축구중계

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