Types of Stitch Clothes

Stitch Clothes –
From the fashion designers who are passionate about their work to the detailed technical garment makers, stitching knowledge is a necessity in the apparel industry. It helps in the garment making process as it ensures quality and precision. Whether you’re a designer who creates patterns and prototypes or an exec who oversees production, knowing the types of stitches and how to properly specify them in tech packs can make all the difference in the final product.

The most common type of stitch used in clothing is the running stitch that’s created by placing tiny stitches parallel to each other. This stitch type is commonly used for hemming and sewing the side seam of clothes. The multi-thread lock stitch is a very strong and durable type of stitch that is used in Jeans and other sturdy materials as it locks the sides of the material so that they don’t come off.

The blanket stitch is another durable stitch used to finish the edges of thick materials like sweaters. It also helps in keeping the hemline of dresses neat and tidy. The catch stitch is similar to the blanket stitch in that it can help shorten a dress without cutting off the sleeve or hemline, which is useful for growing kids. Lastly, the chain stitch is another durable stitch that’s commonly used in jeans and other rugged garments to strengthen the seams. It looks similar to the lock stitch on the front side of the fabric but has a double chain effect created by looper threads on the backside. Stitch Clothes

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