Things You Should Know About PEX Water Pipe

If you’re looking to install a new home plumbing system, PEX may be the best choice. This plastic piping is becoming the preferred alternative to copper water pipes due to its cost effectiveness and longevity. But before you commit to replacing your pipes with PEX, there are a few things you should know.

Unlike metal pipes, PEX tubing is less susceptible to cracking or bursting under freezing conditions. It’s able to flex and expand as the water inside freezes, reducing your risk of plumbing issues for years to come.

PEX water pipe is also much quieter than traditional metal piping. This is because the smooth interior surface of PEX tubing reduces vibration and noise. It’s a great option for homes with children or pets who might be disturbed by loud clanging noises from metal pipes.

When repiping your home with PEX, make sure you use only approved PEX tubing and fittings. Mixing and matching materials can void your warranty and could result in leaking, broken pipes. Only use tools designed for working with PEX, such as a crimping tool to tighten the rings around connections. Make sure to use the crimping tool head corresponding to the size of the fitting for a secure connection (see Figure 2). After making a connection, inspect it with a PEX go/no-go gauge to confirm it is tight.

If you’re repiping your house with PEX, it is important to support the pipes every 16 to 24 inches with special clamps to reduce sagging. This will ensure you get a strong water flow and avoid leaks. pex water pipe

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