Things to Consider When Placing an Advert for a Caregiver

Hundreds of applicants apply to caregiver jobs, which is why it’s so important that you make sure that you take all the relevant steps to make sure the person you choose is the right one with your loved one.

Caregivers are in demand now, as care home prices continue to rise. These people, often registered nurses and certified home health care aids. These people have studied to enable them to give the necessary daily care for your elderly parent, loved one after surgery or disabled family member who is unable to care for themselves.

When considering a caregiver as part of your family, because they will become part of the family with the amount of time they will be spending in the home, you need to decide what you expect of them.

The first step to placing any caregiver jobs is to decide your needs and the patient’s needs. This will decide the level of care needed. An elderly patient who is more than capable of looking after themselves, but has the risk of falling and injuring themselves, may just need someone for company and basic housekeeping, but have the skills should an accident occur.

Write up a complete job description of what you expect. This should include basic daily duties, available times and dates and credentials. Once you have your job description written up you can approach an agency to see if they have anyone suitable that matches your specific requirements or you can place a caregiver job advertisement and manage the influx of applications that you will receive.

Draw up a contract before you start your interview process. This is very useful when interviewing and help you remember the important points. This also ensures you don’t rush your contract, leaving out important aspects which affect the well-being of the patient. This is why so many people approach reputable agencies for help, as agencies check credentials and have a team of knowledgeable and experienced people on their books, ready to start work right away.

You also need to decide if you’re looking for someone to work part-time, giving you a break to go and have your hair done or watch your child’s sporting match, or whether you want someone all day, all night or live-in. This is an important decision that will impact the wages expected.

The next step is interviewing the good applicants that applied for your caregiver job. It’s advisable to take all the CV’s you get and create a shortlist. You should match up your list of requirements to their credentials and experience, helping you narrow down the applicant list to five or less.

Be honest and open during the interview process, an opportunity to meet the patient and show them around the home. Advising them along the way of what you expect in return for the money you are paying each week or month.

When you feel you have found the perfect applicant, you will want to carry out a criminal check. If you have decided to use an agency, make sure they carry out the necessary background checks on the applicants they are putting forward. This will offer you piece of mind when you leave them with your loved one each day.

Follow up on references, they are not on the CV to fill it up. Take the time to make the call and phone as many of the references as possible, this way you will get a true sign on whether the applicant is right for the patients and your family.

Finally, make sure you check the progress of the patient and applicant for a few weeks after they start. Ask the patient how they feel about them, ask the applicant how they feel about the job and the patient, see how they get on together and make sure that the applicant is offering the patient enough stimulation. how to find a caregiver

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