The Wines of Lake Garda

The area around Lake Garda is home to several DOC wines and one DOCG, all of them recognized internationally.

Vine-growing activity in the area has been recorded since the Bronze Age, while archaeological findings show that the Romans used to produce wine at their rural villas on the hills surrounding the lake. Today vineyards and well-kept olive groves still characterize the landscape of this beautiful region, visited by millions of tourists each year for its breathtaking views, beaches, and numerous leisure and entertainment activities.

Bardolino DOC (and its superior DOCG version) is the lakeside region’s best-known red wine. It comes from a blend of Corvina Veronese grapes, along with small amounts of Rondinella and Molinara. The wine has a soft and fruity taste and is also produced as chiaretto and normale versions.

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG is a rich passito red wine. Its distinctive flavor combines floral, fruity, and even coffee aromas with spicy and balsamic notes. It pairs perfectly with meat dishes and game meats, as well as classics such as risotto with peas and tortellini.

On the eastern shore of the lake, Custoza DOC is produced. It is a light sparkling wine, made using metodo classico or Martinotti, and it pairs well with fresh and tasty local dishes, such as tortellini from Valeggio, gnocchi from Lessinia, and grilled and boiled fish (whitefish, trout, eel, pike and tench). This wine also goes well with traditional cheeses. It is a wine that perfectly expresses the character of the area. wine lake garda

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