The Portable Fire Fighting Pump

The portable fire fighting pump is an essential component integrated into fire trucks and fire boats and serves a similar purpose as a standpipe or sprinkler system booster. It increases the pressure (measured in psi and bar) of a water source so that it can supply systems that need high water flows.

Fire pumps are usually operated in a static state and only switched on for testing sprinkler systems (to EN 13565), water mist systems or foam systems, or for emergency use. That’s why reliable start-up and fast ramp-up of full pump power output (also after a prolonged standstill) are so important.

Angus Fire offers a range of self-contained portable fire fighting pumps with petrol or diesel engines. Modern advances in air cooled engine technology and pump design have transformed these pumps into practical and reliable tools for firefighters. They are also built to world wide regulations for exhaust emissions and sound levels.

Centrifugal pumps are the most commonly used type of fire fighting pump. They are available with a horizontal split case, which allows the flow to enter from opposite sides of the pump casing, and they can be powered by either an electric or diesel driver. They have a very wide range of rated capacity and pressure, are easy to maintain due to their split casing access, and are typically the most space hungry.

Hale high pressure fire pumps are designed to meet the needs of wildland firefighters and provide outstanding power-to-weight ratio. They are designed for durability and have low maintenance costs with fewer wearing parts. Their body is hard-anodized for light weight and corrosion resistance, the mechanical seal is self-adjusting and self-lubricating for long life, and they have a high water velocities for fast flow. portable fire fighting pump

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