The Importance of Professional Aesthetic Device Operator Training

In a market where many clinic owners and physicians offer similar treatments it is important for them to stay ahead of their competition and provide the clinical results patients demand. Buying the best aesthetic devices is one way to achieve this, however medical cosmetic device maintenance, operator training, experimenting with combination treatments and keeping abreast of new clinical papers are just as important.

Aesthetic laser devices are a vital part of any med spa or practice and are incredibly effective in treating a variety of skin conditions including age spots, scarring, rosacea, stretch marks and even hair removal. However, despite their impressive capabilities, it is surprising how many medical aesthetic devices are purchased by consumers who are looking to use them in their own homes.

This is largely due to the confusion around the difference between ‘cosmetic’ and ‘aesthetic’ devices. Although both are designed to enhance a patient’s appearance, the two terms have completely different connotations and it is crucial that practices and med spas make a clear distinction between the two. Consumers are often enticed by cheap gimmick cosmetic laser devices and will not realise that these do not offer the same level of consistency, safety and effectiveness as an aesthetic laser device.

Laser technology is a highly specialised field and is therefore governed by strict laws regarding their operation. An aesthetic laser device is a medical grade machine that can only be operated by a qualified physician or trained medical aesthetician. It is essential that these devices are used by a qualified professional, as improper use can cause serious and permanent damage.

Whether used in conjunction with radio frequency, plasma or diode lasers, medical cosmetic device lasers are an extremely powerful tool for improving the look and feel of a patients’ skin. Combined with the right clinical treatment, these devices can help to reduce the appearance of a variety of conditions such as hair loss, excess fat and cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

Investing in the best medical aesthetics equipment is a must for any clinic owner or physician who wants to maximise the return on their investment and give their patients the most natural-looking results possible. Choosing the right laser, radio frequency or plasma technology will make all the difference and it is also imperative that operators receive ongoing training. It is recommended that they attend workshops and webinars run by their device supplier as well as attending conferences to keep up to date with the latest advancements in medical aesthetics technology. By doing this, they will have the confidence and empowerment to work outside of their comfort zones and ensure that patients are always receiving the highest quality of care. Alternatively, they can opt to partner with a specialist training provider such as Venn Healthcare who provide continuous professional development training on technologies such as HIFU and fat freezing, regardless of the brand of aesthetics equipment that they own. To find out more about how we can support your clinic with the best medical aesthetic devices on the market, contact us today. Appareil esthétique professionnel

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