Steuerliche Beratung Hattingen

Steuerliche Beratung Hattingen

steuerliche Beratung

Hattingen – Rathausplatz 19, 45525, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
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Die zentrale Ansprechpartner der Finanzamt Hattingen hilft Ihnen bei allen Belangen rund um die Steuererklarung. Das Finanzamt Hattingen befindet in nderungs- und Revisionsordnung des Bundesgesetzes (BGB) im Rahmen der regionalen und sachlichen Zustandigkeit Ihrer individuellen Voraussetzungen mit einer komplementarität verbundener Unterstützung, insbesondere fur alle steuerrechtlichen Fragen.

Our individualized advice is based on our long-standing experience and our stets aktuellstem Wissensstand in Steuersachen.

We have a broad range of services that include both legal and operative statutory advice.

The main areas of focus are:

Business law

We support our clients in all questions relating to business law and provide expert advice on company formation, mergers and takeovers, corporate governance, and corporate restructuring as well as commercial and real estate law.

In addition, we help our clients to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements such as anti-money laundering laws, and we advise them on all aspects of accounting and taxation, both domestic and international.

Incometax and Corporationsteuer

We provide specialized advice in all areas of income tax, including a comprehensive review of the entire tax situation for our clients.

Einkommensteuer is the taxable income of a person with a permanent address in Germany.

It is a yearly tax on a person’s earnings.

In general, the higher the level of your income, the more you pay in taxes.

The annual income tax is a mandatory part of your annual tax return and has to be filed each year by your employer.

Aside from the income tax, there are a number of other taxes that you should be aware of as a taxpayer.

Other taxes that you need to be concerned about are:

Social security and unemployment benefits

The social security system is a national program that covers all the welfare and health care of people who have paid their taxes in Germany.

Unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation

The unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation systems are state-supported programs that protect employees from job loss and other financial difficulties.

In some cases, your employers must also remit certain fees or pay some of the cost of your insurance and workers’ compensation premiums. Steuererklärung Hattingen

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