Solar Energy Solutions

There is more energy from the sun that hits the Earth every day than we can use in a year. Star Plus Energy technologies take advantage of this abundant resource to generate electricity. It’s a great way to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Solar energy systems can be installed on the roofs of homes, businesses or schools, and are also used to power calculators, parking meters, water pumps and more. There is also a growing market for solar batteries that can store energy and power your home during the night.

The most immediate benefit of a commercial solar power system is the reduction in your business’s reliance on the grid for electricity. This can significantly lower your electric bill and, in some cases, eliminate it altogether. It’s a cost-effective investment that will also help to protect you against future increases in and volatility of grid electricity prices.

In addition to financial savings, solar electric power can help the environment. Each kilowatt-hour of solar power produced avoids the emission of greenhouse gases like CO2. It also reduces waste and consumption, and decreases water withdrawal.

There are many ways to make solar energy more affordable, including a variety of state and federal tax rebates and incentives. Our team can help you navigate the solar credit landscape and maximize your financial return. There is never been a better time to go solar.

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