Pros of a Divorce Mediation Lawyer

When spouses decide to divorce, many of them need help settling a variety of issues. These include child custody arrangements, property division and spousal support. Some couples are able to settle these questions in court, but others may benefit from working with a divorce mediation lawyer to resolve them outside of court. A divorce mediation lawyer helps spouses negotiate an agreement on these issues that they can later turn into a legal document that will be enforceable by the courts.

A mediator is typically an attorney, and they act as a neutral third party to help the couple discuss their issues and reach a mutually agreeable solution for all parties involved. The process begins with an introductory meeting where the mediator will meet with both parties individually and ask for information that is relevant to their case. The mediator will then set an agenda for the sessions with the couple. These sessions will usually involve discussing each of the issues and helping to find solutions for areas where there is still disagreement.

Pros of a Divorce Mediation Lawyer
In addition to helping couples save money by avoiding the cost of litigation, a divorce mediation lawyer can help spouses work together to come up with creative solutions for their unique situations. For example, if one spouse owns a business, they might be able to create a financial arrangement that allows them to remain involved in the company, even after the divorce. This is something that would be difficult to accomplish in the traditional divorce process. divorce mediation lawyer

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