New Dometic Units Keep You Cool on the Road

There are a number of new air conditioners that will keep you cool on the road. rv refrigerator These new products include dometic units that can be retrofitted to work with existing Dometic air returns, battery-powered engine-off air conditioners for truck drivers, and an all-electric package that combines a 7,000 or 10,000 BTU split or self-contained air-conditioning system with a DC-AC inverter, high-capacity alternator, and optional shorepower pass-through.

The New FreshJet RV AC Units

The new Dometic FreshJet 3 Series features a new custom blower system that delivers more airflow than previous models, pushing more air further and faster to deliver quicker cooling. It also features a ‘Air Distribution Box’ that provides consistent front-to-back airflow to evenly distribute cool air throughout the coach. It’s also 14% lighter than previous Dometic Brisk II air conditioners, reducing the overall weight load of the RV.

RTX 2000 12V DC RV Air Conditioning Units

The RTX 2000 RV Air Conditioner can be run completely off of 12V power, which is great for those who don’t have access to shorepower. The unit is a high-efficiency compressor that uses only 19A in Eco mode, which helps to save on battery power.

Its variable-speed CoolAir compressor has a dynamic two-cylinder design that allows the unit to adjust its speed depending on the needs of your vehicle and the amount of heat generated. It can also be controlled by a large high-contrast display for easy monitoring.

Another feature on the RTX 2000 is its dehumidification capability, which allows the user to set a desired humidity level and then have the unit automatically turn on when needed. The unit’s new microprocessor-controlled dehumidification system will sense the cabin temperature and adjust to that, making sure the air is comfortable for everyone inside.

Using the RTX 2000 is a breeze, thanks to a wide range of easy-to-use features that will make it your new favorite air conditioning unit on the go! The RTX 2000 has a powerful compressor, adjustable air flow to suit your RV, and is whisper-quiet for a restful night’s sleep.

The RTX 2000 is one of the most efficient and quiet air conditioning units available on the market today. It’s designed to reduce sound by utilizing a dense foam support pad that covers the compressor compartment and is made from environmentally-friendly expanded polystrene, which prevents bacteria growth and is resistant to extreme temperatures and water.

It comes with a remote control, an LCD wall controller, and wireless control panel so you can easily control your unit from anywhere in your RV. It also has a hi-tech dual sensor on the returning air that can sense the temperature and humidity of the RV, making it easy to adjust your airflow.

All of these units are available in a variety of sizes to fit your RV’s roof space. The best part is that many of them can be installed in just a few minutes without tools!

The company has a number of different models to choose from, and each is designed for specific RV use. The Penguin II is a good choice for those who want the lowest profile air conditioner on the market, while the Maxi series is great for those who want more power and comfort features in their RV’s.

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