Las Vegas Vacations – A Frightening, Simple Way For Thieves To Easily Walk Into Your Hotel Room

All it takes is a glimpse of your expensive clothes,Guest Posting jewelry, the vehicles you drive, the cigars you smoke, or even the gambling fortunes you accumulated during your Las Vegas vacations. That kind of attention makes you a target in the eyes of a thief. But instead of thieves waiting to attack in an alley or somewhere secluded, dark, and out of sight, it may be much easier to just walk into your hotel room, even if it is locked and secured.

One rather simple mistake that can ruin Las Vegas vacations is a faulty hotel door. While that may seem strange at first thought, it is one of the opportunities that thieves use to access your personal belongings. Unfortunately, individuals with a perverted motive may also rely on that opportunity. One of the common tactics that thieves rely on is going through the hallways of hotel suites, pushing on the doors to see which ones will open. The reason why people actually do this is because some hotel doors do not shut properly after they close. The bolt mechanism may not be properly enforced into the hinge either because the screws holding the door’s balance are loose or other related reasons.

Consequently, many people actually feel that once the door shuts, it is secured, only able to get in if they have their key (or the staff who has the master key). However, the simple mistake of not checking the door shutting properly can actually cost you dearly if a thief is able to find that out before you do. All a thief has to do is simply push the door open or use a credit card to slide between the door and push the bolt mechanism out of the hinge to easily get inside your room. That means that any belongings a tenant left in the room while they are downstairs pulling down the slot machines is up for grabs. What can be even more frightening for tenants is if they are still in the room. On travel forums, there have been complaints of women who have had this happen to them in the middle of a shower, or in the middle of the night while they are asleep. The people who trespassed into the room simply claimed that they went into the wrong hotel room by mistake, using the alibi that all of the hotel rooms look the same or claim that the hotel itself made a mistake on room vacancies, issuing a key without realizing one was already issued (which has happened). However, if you’re sure you locked the door, the chances of the trespasser being a thief is very high.

Always take all precautions. Anyone on their Las Vegas vacations or any vacation package deals worldwide should always check their door. A simple test of checking if your door is locked tight and ensuring the bolt mechanism is firmly enforced into the hinge can mean the difference between a wonderful vacation and becoming a victim of property and identity theft. If the door is faulty, request a different room and inform the staff about it so it can be fixed. It is important that you never leave your wallets or purses on stools next to you or out in the open when you are gambling, but it is also important to ensure that you do not leave them in the open even in your hotel room either. One of the best things you can request is a safe to be placed in your hotel room where your belongings can be placed in. While hotels usually charge for this extra convenience if it isn’t already included, it can be very important if you feel that you cannot take your belongings with you when you leave your hotel room. screw sizes chart

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