Is Invisalign in Woodland Hills Right For You?

A Straight Smile is Within Reach
Crooked teeth are a major cosmetic concern. But they can also pose serious health issues. Among other things, crowded or overly-spaced teeth can interfere with dental hygiene and promote tooth decay and gum disease. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a range of teeth-straightening options.

For example, the Invisalign system eliminates the need for metal brackets and wires by using clear plastic trays. The trays fit snugly against the teeth and apply gentle pressure to shift them into position, gradually moving the teeth to their final alignment. Unlike traditional braces, the trays can be removed to drink and eat, as well as for brushing and flossing. In addition, the trays are virtually unnoticeable when worn.

The Invisalign treatment process involves wearing the trays for 20 to 22 hours each day, except for when you’re eating or drinking! Every two weeks, you switch to a new set of trays. During your consultation, we’ll discuss cost, treatment time, and benefits so you can make an informed decision about whether Invisalign in Woodland Hills is right for you.

While the Invisalign treatment cost is higher than that of traditional braces, it can be offset by flexible payment plans and dental insurance or Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Additionally, more and more dental insurers are covering clear aligners as an acceptable orthodontic treatment method. Invisalign’s online calculator provides a rough estimate of your out-of-pocket costs. We’ll be happy to help you find the best solution for your smile.

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