Investing in a Custom Built Wardrobe

When you invest in a custom built wardrobe, it’s important to choose a professional installer that has access to the highest quality materials and hardware. This allows you to be confident that your investment will last for years to come and that your new wardrobe will serve you well. Additionally, a professional company can offer a warranty and provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure that your wardrobe continues to meet your needs as your lifestyle changes over time.

To begin with, the wardrobe designer makes an appointment at the customer’s premises to measure the room. This is critical to ensuring that the custom wardrobe fits one hundred percent. The exact measurements are then passed on to raumplus for planning the interior system. How many drawers, clothes rails, trouser pull-outs etc are needed is determined and the color and surface finish of the doors is planned.

Wardrobes are not just for clothing, but should also provide space to store shoes, overnight cases, jewellery, and keepsakes. This way, everything can be easily located when you need it. Sophisticated retrieval systems like shoe carousels and fan mechanisms help make this possible, and also speed up the process of getting dressed.

Finally, the wardrobe design should be aesthetically pleasing and fit with the rest of the bedroom scheme. Using neutral colors can help ensure that the new storage solution blends in with the existing decor and doesn’t clash or clash. If you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching, try an unusual style like Dutch door or euro flush. custom built wardrobe

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