How to Properly Perform an Exterior House Wash

The siding, roof and eaves of your home protect you from the elements and outside pollutants. But these features can become stained, dingy and mildewed over time as dust, dirt, pollen and other debris settle on them. Keeping your home exterior clean with regular washings ensures that it continues to perform its important function.

But some cleaning jobs are better left to the professionals – particularly anything that requires climbing or extreme heights, or involves electricity or structural questions. In these cases, a professional exterior house wash could save you a lot of trouble and expense.

Choosing the right method for cleaning your home’s exterior is also important. Both soft washing and pressure washing are effective, but they require different techniques and equipment to be used effectively. A qualified cleaning professional will know how to administer each type of washing to safely and effectively remove grime from the surfaces of your home’s exterior.

For instance, a homeowner can use a pressure washer to clean their rooftop or other hard-to-reach areas, but this type of washing can damage your exterior paint, blow window seals and even destroy surrounding plants. A soft wash, on the other hand, is gentle enough to remove dirt and grime from roofs, driveways and other areas without causing damage. For best results, you should start by removing loose debris from the surface of your home before beginning to wash. Then, carefully move on to each section of your house siding, ensuring that you’re using the right nozzles and settings for your particular siding material. exterior house wash

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