How to Grow Your YouTube Following

YouTube has the most users out of all the social media networks. The large community makes it a key marketing tool for businesses to promote their websites and find potential new customers. In this article I will go over the main techniques that can be used too grow and develop your following on YouTube.

There are some key elements in building up a YouTube following:

  • Short punchy videos
  • Regular new videos
  • User Interaction
  • Promote in social media

Uploading new videos regularly


This is key when trying to build a YouTube following. If you look at many of the famous YouTubers, they all upload at least once a week, normally on a certain day. The advantage of uploading once a week shows that you are dedicated to your Subscribers, and in turn people will feel more obliged to subscribe to you because of the effort you put into your videos. It also means your subscribers know when your videos come, and know when to check for new videos from you.

User Interaction

At the end of the day, people are more likely to subscribe to you if there involved in your videos. The best way to incorporate some form of ‘User Interaction’ is by asking your viewers a question in the video, which they can answer in the comment section. This makes the viewer communicate with you, which builds up a relationship between you and your viewers and subscribers.

Ask Questions

By asking a question which can be answered in the comments, it get’s the video more comments, which in turn means it will go into the “Most Discussed” charts and end up with more views and hopefully new subscribers.

Integrate with other social media

Uploading a video gives you an opportunity to talk about it on other social media tools. You should always Tweet about the video or promote on your Facebook or website. A written version of the video could be uploaded to blogs or expert article websites. youtube comment upvotes

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