How to Choose the Right Button Head Screw For Your Application

Screws come in many shapes, sizes, head types and materials. The right screw for your application is one that will generate a compressional load or clamping force and resist rotational or lateral movement while standing up to vibration.

The screw drive, or head type, can influence how much torque is applied to the fastener. Some types of screw heads allow for higher tightening specifications than others, while other head styles may have a lower profile and be better suited to situations with limited space or clearance.

Socket cap screws, also known as socket set screws, are threaded fasteners with a rounded head that contains a recessed hexagon drive. The recessed head is turned with an allen wrench or hex key to tighten the screw. Because of their rounded head and hex drive, they can be tightened to greater torque specifications than slotted or cross recessed drive machine screws.

Unlike other screw head types, hex heads are driven with the driver’s force against the center of the head. The hex shape distributes the force over a larger area to avoid damage or loosening of the head.

A variety of screw head types are available for your use, including flat head, oval heads and drywall screws. Each has its own advantages and benefits depending on the applications, but they all share the ability to reduce stress by distributing the load over a wider surface area than standard screws. Button Head Screw

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