High-End Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, high end is a broad term. Many manufacturers offer cabinets with premium features like dovetail drawers, full-height back panels, minimum 1/2″ thick cabinet sides and I-beam stabilizers, clear and soft urethane door and drawer bumpers, and concealed hinges. But past cabinet tests from Consumer Reports have shown that those and other features alone aren’t enough to guarantee long-term durability.

Fortunately, you can still find high-end cabinets that are backed by quality construction. Look for companies with a proven reputation that focus on both beauty and usability, like Form and Willow Lane. These brands’ cabinets are well-designed and last for years in a home before showing signs of wear.

Aran is another top-rated cabinetmaker that offers a wide selection of styles, finishes and materials. The brand has a boutique showroom in West Hollywood, California, and is also sold through high-end independent dealers across the country. Other options for high-end cabinets include Aran’s sister company, Smallbone, which is best known for its distinct all-wood cabinets that blend Scandinavian design with modern functionality. Both brands have an extensive network of dealers and carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Other top-rated manufacturers include Boffi, which has a reputation for masterful Italian craftsmanship, and Scavolini, whose range of styles suits a variety of design tastes. Then there’s Poggenpohl, whose sleek designs have earned the label of luxury kitchen cabinets. The brand’s commitment to precision engineering and blending style and function is unparalleled in the industry. high end kitchen cabinets

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