Funny Dad Jokes That Will Make You and Your Family Laugh

If there’s one type of joke that can get everyone laughing — it’s a good dad joke. From funny puns to silly one-liners, these dad jokes are sure to make your entire family chuckle. We’ve got some classics as well as some new side-splitters that are perfect for Father’s Day, a road trip or just any time you need to lighten the mood.

You know a joke is a dad joke when it includes an obvious pun or uses a tired old cliché. It’s also a dad joke when it’s aimed at a specific audience (i.e. kids, tweens or teens). And, of course, you’ll know a dad joke when it features a groan-worthy punchline.

Dad jokes can be as simple as a one-liner or can have more complex setups and buildups. They can be a little bit rude and may include racial or sexual humor. However, they are still a great way to lighten the mood and encourage laughter in the classroom and at home.

So, grab some paper and pencils and try to write down some of these dad jokes so that you can share them with your friends and family — and maybe even get them to laugh! What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta. Why did the orange stop halfway across the road? Because it ran out of juice. What does the ocean have that you don’t? Salt. Why did the golfer bring two pairs of pants? In case he got a hole in one. funny dad jokes

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