Explosion-Proof Electric Actuators

Electric Actuators are used in a variety of applications where flammable gases are present. These can include oil refineries, chemical plants and power stations. For safety and reliability, these actuators are designed to meet explosion proof standards. Often these units need to work in potentially explosive environments and must be certified to UL HazLoc or ATEX.

A wide variety of explosion proof electric actuators are available. They can control different types of industrial valves and dampers. Some models can operate multiple valves simultaneously and can provide a range of options such as open, closed or modulated control.

Linear electric actuators are the ideal solution for applications with a large amount of motion. Using precise double worm gear mechanisms, they efficiently transmit large torques with low noise, stable operation and high efficiency. With a range of options for mounting and accessories, linear actuators are a great choice for a broad range of applications.

Rotary actuators are the perfect choice for applications that require rotational movement. These devices can handle movements ranging from 0 to 360 degrees. They are great for a wide range of applications, including ball and butterfly valves.

With an advanced roller screw design and superior load capacity, these explosion proof electric actuators can provide up to 15 times the travel life of conventional ball screw solutions. They feature a rugged metal housing that can withstand the pressures of a blast event. They also have flameproof enclosures and conduit seals that protect against sparks and heat. Explosion-Proof Electric Actuators

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