Custom Military Rings

The reasons that custom military rings are important:Each and every day,Guest Posting men and women in the military protect us, and protect our freedom, through their selfless sacrifice.  We honor and respect them for their service in the armed forces and for their dedication.  And they are proud of their efforts and the traditions ofthe military.

We cannot think of a better way for them to show their pride than a custom military ring that is a visual symbol of their service.  We cannot think of a better way for us to honor them than with a custom military ring that reflects their strength of character and theircommitment to protect us all.  In short, a custom military ring is a uniquely appropriate way to reflect a person’s service in the armed forces, either past or present.

Custom military rings can use any one of three basic types of designs:

1.  The first type of design is a somewhat ornate ring that is very similar to a school ring or class ring.  These types of custom military rings usually have a large semi-precious gem, crystal or colored stone set in the center.  They also have several differentdesigns engraved partway down the sides of the band on each side of the central stone.

2.  The second basic design that is used is a more streamlined, elegant ring with flowing, “clean” lines.  This type of custom military ring sometimes consists solely of engraved precious metal at the top of the ring, but other times these rings are set with acentral semi-precious gem, crystal or other stone.  The sides of the band of this type of ring are usually not decorated, and the ring has a strong, masculine appearance.

3.  The third type of basic design for a custom military ring is a signet ring or seal ring that utilizes military coats of arms or insignia as the “seal” at the top of the ring.  There is no center stone with this design.

Customization Options for custom military rings:

Any of these three basic designs can be customized by using one of the specific, highly symbolic heraldic-type crests, shields, coats-of-arms or insignia that are so frequently used in the military.  A custom military ring can be designed to reflect a person’s service in a specific division, regiment, battalion, fleet, or other military ornaval unit.  Custom military rings can also be designed to show that a person served in the armed forces during a particular war or a particular series of battles:  World War 2 rings, Korean War rings, Vietnam War rings and Operation Desert Storm rings are all examples of military rings that have been customized in this way.  Still other types of custom military rings incorporate the design of a specific combat medal or badge, or a specific rank insignia, into their design. Custom military rings even exist for ex-Prisoners of War.

A military ring can also be customized by engraving on the band the initials or name of the person who will be wearing it.  This type of personalization further customizes a military ring and makes it doubly meaningful.

Custom military rings are stunning pieces of jewelry:

Custom military rings are usually made of precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum, and high-quality pieces have intricate detail.  If a military crest, coat of arms or other heraldic device has been enhanced by being enameled, or if the center of the ring isinset with a colored gemstone, a custom military ring is quite striking.

Our soldiers and sailors are proud and faithful servants, always there when we need them.  Each and every one of them would be proud to wear a deeply symbolic, visually stunning custom military ring. blue topaz ring

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