Custom Grip Socks For Trampoline Parks

Grip socks have revolutionized workouts and activities that involve smooth surfaces, allowing individuals to push their limits with confidence while minimising the risk of slips or falls. They are commonly used in hospitals and senior care facilities to prevent patient falls because the grip on the sole helps them maintain their balance, even when wearing socks.

They are also popular with athletes in the world of football who wear them to reduce minor injuries and abrasions that may occur while playing, due to the roughness of their shoes, as well as to improve comfort and performance. This is because they offer a layer of protection between the shoe and foot that is thicker than traditional threadbare socks, making them comfier to wear while also protecting against external pressure and friction.

Athletes also rely on them for performance improvements, because they increase the coefficient of friction between the shoe and the floor, which in turn decreases the time it takes to decelerate the foot in the shoe and change direction. This has been confirmed by studies using a sledge and pulley system that compared the grip sock to a standard pair of socks.

We can create a custom designed pair of grip socks that are unique to your trampoline park, featuring a high-definition, woven logo, and a unique gel pattern on the sole, which is optimised for trampoline use to provide the perfect amount of friction for happy bouncing. We will send you a mockup illustration prior to production that highlights how your bespoke design of grip socks will look, any changes that are required to accommodate our manufacturing requirements (for example, elongating an aspect of your logo to make it grip tread-friendly) will be approved by you before going into production. custom grip socks

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