Custom 360 Printed Socks

Custom socks are a unique and stylish way to promote your business or team. They can incorporate colors, logos, photos and other custom graphics to make a bold statement on your feet. Whether knitted, embroidered or with printing, there are several different fabrication methods that can be used to produce your socks.

The most common method of creating printed socks is by sublimation printing. This process involves heat-printing your design directly onto a blank white All Day or Levitator Lite sock. The print is then heated to ensure that the ink saturates the sock fiber and does not fade.

Printed socks can be made from either cotton or polyester. Cotton is a popular choice for everyday socks because it is breathable, soft and comfortable. However, the printing on cotton socks may fade over time, especially if they are washed frequently. Polyester is a more durable material and does not fade as easily as cotton. It is also more resistant to shrinkage than cotton, but it is a bit less breathable and soft.

Another method of creating a printed sock is by dye-sublimation. This is a more complex and expensive process, but it can produce the most vibrant and accurate color of any fabrication method. The only downside is that the fabric of a dye-sublimated sock tends to feel more cheap and synthetic than a knitted sock. Also, after the printing is completed the socks must be soaked in a fixative agent to further seal the color in place. custom 360 printed socks

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