Creative Paper Quilling Jewelry – Wall Art, Jewelry & More

Quilling is an ancient paper crafting technique that is gaining popularity again. With Interweave’s new book, Creative Paper Quilling: Wall Art, Jewelry & More, you will learn to work with this time-honored craft and create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry!

With this easy to follow guide, you will learn to use a variety of colors and shapes to make beautiful, wearable art. You will also discover how to use gilded paper to enhance your creations. Combining step-by-step instructions with detailed tutorials on rolling coils, scrolls and unique quilled shapes, this book is sure to be a hit!

The book includes tips and tricks that will help you master the art of quilling, including ways to avoid common mistakes and how to use your tools for different effects. You will find out how to create different colors and textures of paper, as well as how to use glues that will give you the best results. With projects such as the Celestial Flower Earrings, Petal Power Lariat Necklace and Classic Filigree Pendant, you will be able to create stunning paper jewelry that is sure to impress!

Ann Martin is a popular blogger and author of several craft books, including a series of paper quilling guides. She lives in Illinois with her husband and two dogs, where she enjoys a quiet life of writing, crafting and relaxing. She has been quilling for almost ten years, and she loves sharing her love of this unique craft with others through her books. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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