Creating a “Knock-Your-Socks-Off” Prospect Package

Before planning a direct mail campaign, it’s important to take some time and carefully put together your sales material. This is what I refer to as your Prospect Package. Depending on the sales situation, your Prospect Package may be built with several different components.

1. Sales Letter – Keep it simple and not too “techie”.

Another key point is to write down the objective of your sales letter. Are you trying to sell a new service to existing customers… announce a sale to potential clients… create greater demand for a service you already provide? Your letter should then be developed around that single objective for maximum effectiveness.

The body of your sales letter should achieve three different things:

o Maintain the readers attention;

o Calls the reader to action;

o Informs the reader that you are skilled enough to handle their needs.

98% of this can be accomplished by filling your sales letter with benefits, benefits, and even more benefits. The more benefits you can offer, the better your offer will be received. Remember, the reader wants to know what’s in it for them. They want to know that you can improve their current situation.

2. Enclose a Portfolio CD

If you design web sites/graphics, you’ll need a way to show your work to potential clients. Placing your sites/work on a CD is a great way to do this.

This gives your prospects an opportunity to see what you offer, without them having to connect to the Net, and type in your URL’s.

3. Price Sheet – (optional)

Your price sheet simply outlines what your rates are, as well as what’s included with each service. If some of your services are geared towards specific target audiences, then do mention this within the descriptions.

4. Bid Sheet

Include a form that prospects can fill out to get a quote for your services. Ask all the relevant questions needed to respond with a quote.

5. Business Card

Don’t forget to enclose your business card. If they aren’t in need of your services now, they will know who to contact when they are ready.

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Article by Jenn McGroary
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