Corporate Wellness Coaches Boost Morale and Productivity

If you want to make a positive impact on corporate wellness and boost employee morale, consider a career as a certified corporate wellness coach. Learn how to create and run wellness programs that are both effective and affordable in NESTA’s online corporate wellness coaching certification program.

Keeping up with healthy eating options and exercise in the workplace can seem impossible to many employees. Corporate wellness coaches provide expert guidance to help employees make these important lifestyle changes.
1. Increased Productivity

Just like a sports team has coaches to train and guide their players, workplaces can benefit from health coaching programs. The most obvious advantage of wellness coaching is the increase in productivity from engaged employees.

The coaching experience starts with a 30-minute orientation session where the coach and client discuss the process, scheduling and expectations. During the monthly coaching sessions, employees will receive one-on-one attention with their coach to achieve goals related to their physical wellbeing.

They will also work to improve mental wellbeing using a variety of tools such as the Birkman assessment and mindfulness practices. Finally, they will build their leadership skills using Exude’s Thriving Self-Leader model. This includes learning to effectively manage stress, a key contributor to poor decision-making and low morale in the workplace.
2. Reduced Health Care Costs

Many workplace wellness programs include onsite gyms and healthy snacking initiatives, but providing the guidance and support needed to stick with these goals is essential. Employees need the motivation, accountability, and expert advice that health coaches offer to overcome the challenges of developing new habits.

In addition to helping employees meet their physical health goals, corporate wellness coaches also help them reduce their company’s healthcare costs. Studies show that healthier employees are less likely to visit the doctor, which lowers a company’s overall medical expenses.

Corporate wellness is a rapidly growing niche that offers numerous benefits to both employees and companies. If you’re looking for a job that will let you work closely with people while still giving you some stability, consider a career in corporate wellness coaching.
3. Increased Employee Satisfaction

In addition to reducing employee healthcare costs, wellness programs have also been linked to increased productivity and morale. Healthy employees take fewer sick days and are more engaged in their work.

A health coach can help employees set and meet goals that improve their well-being. They can also encourage employees to take part in workplace health challenges and activities, and provide them with stress management resources.

A knowledgeable health coach can review biometric results with employees, explain what the numbers mean and help them make improvements. They can also teach employees how to manage their stress levels, increase their exercise levels and eat healthier. This helps to reduce risk factors for chronic diseases. It also teaches employees how to better prioritize their own wellbeing, which is a good lesson for life in general.
4. Increased Morale

Many businesses are looking to improve their company culture. They want to create a happier and healthier workforce. This is where corporate wellness coaching comes in.

It is important for a health coach to understand their audience and have a compelling story that connects with employees. They must also be comfortable talking about finances and pricing their services well.

A wellness coach can help improve employee morale by working with them one-on-one. They can focus on areas of self-leadership that are directly impacted by an employee’s well-being, such as work-life integration, mental focus and agility, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, etc. This can lead to higher morale in the workplace and help reduce days off for stress, sickness and burnout. This can ultimately save companies money.
5. Reduced Stress

It is very common for people to feel overwhelmed and stressed in the workplace. These feelings can cause burnout and lead to a negative impact on a company’s productivity. Wellness coaches can help reduce employee stress by providing them with the resources and tools to improve their health and overall well-being.

Knowledgeable wellness coaches can review an individual’s biometric data, explain what it means for their health outlook, and work with them to improve their numbers. Using coaching methods like motivational interviewing and behavior change science (BCI), these professionals can make a significant difference for the individuals they coach.

Ready to get started with wellness coaching in the corporate space? Our self paced course will provide you with clarity and confidence to thrive in this exciting new health and wellness coaching industry!

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