Conservatory Cardiff – The Perfect Addition to Your Home

Adding a conservatory cardiff to your home can increase its value as well as provide you with extra living space. You can use it as a playroom for the kids or even a quiet room to work from home. It is a great way to add extra space without moving to a bigger property and it will also be an asset to you should you decide to sell your home in the future.

A conservatory is a glass-covered building or room, typically attached to a house but sometimes free standing. They are also sometimes known as a sunroom or a greenhouse. They are designed to let in natural light whilst keeping a warm ambient temperature throughout the year. Modern conservatories have been enhanced with a range of technologies such as easy-clean coatings, heat reflective film and thermal ribbons – hollow sections of glass that intercept heat. The latest innovations include self-tinting glass that darkens as it absorbs the heat of the summer sun and then lightsens later on in the day.

Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary or Victorian style conservatory, we can help you create the perfect addition to your home. Using the finest materials, we can build you a new bespoke conservatory that will blend perfectly with your existing property. Our conservatories are made to measure, meaning you can choose the exact size and specifications that you require.

Our uPVC conservatories are a cost-effective way of creating a new space for your family to enjoy. They are durable and incredibly energy efficient, reducing heating costs and helping you save on electricity bills. Plus, a uPVC conservatory is incredibly low maintenance. Just a wipe down every now and again with a damp cloth will keep it in excellent condition.

If you want an orangery that looks more like a permanent part of your home, then we are also skilled in building made to measure orangeries that can be fitted with bi-fold doors for the ultimate indoor/outdoor experience. We can match your new orangery with the brickwork of your home and ensure it is seamlessly integrated into your property through our specialist construction techniques.

We can also install a number of optional extras into your new conservatory including an electric roof vent, electrical points for lighting and music systems, heating, guttering and down pipes to name just a few. We can even fit a solid tiled roof if you would prefer a more traditional finish to your new space.

When you contact us about installing a new conservatory, we will discuss your requirements in detail and then provide you with a detailed quotation that takes into account all the options you have chosen. Our quotes are completely transparent with no hidden fees or charges. conservatories cardiff

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