Common Mistakes To Avoid While Installing The Electrical Panel

No doubt, the electrical panel is the need of every household, commercial as well as the industrial sectors because it ensures the supply of power to the circuits or sub-circuits, so, you can plug-in your electrical appliances to run them properly. It feeds the right voltage to your circuit to power up your home or office. However, because of the lack of knowledge, people use the device in an improper way, which leads to the number of problems such as device failure, short-circuit, fire catch etc. In an order to properly troubleshoot the electrical panel problem, you have to avoid some common mistakes while the installation of the device. Scroll down and get to know about those silly mistakes and simple ways to avoid them.


  • Incorrect Wiring: In an order to ensure the proper working of the electrical panel, it is important to install it correctly. Improper wiring, wrong combinations and poor installation only increase the risk of damage and cost you the fortune in the near future. Make sure to address professional team to do the installation, so you will never witness any such problem.
  • Under Or Over-Power: Another common mistake people make while working with the electrical panel is, they under or over power the unit, which increases the chance of short-circuit or power failure. You can easily avoid the problem by choosing the appropriate model and size as per your home, office or manufacturing industry power need. A right selection may ensure the safe working of the device for a longer time.
  • Use Of Improper Hardware: If you are using any improper hardware such as screws, nuts, wires, plugs, bolts, etc. that does not match the requirement of electrical panel, so, it only creates trouble. Thus, you should understand which hardware is good for your device or which one is not.
  • Installation In The Moisture Area: Don’t you know that water and electricity do not mix well? If yes, so, how can you even make such blunder? To ensure the safety of the electrical panel, it is important to install them at the place, which is away from the moisture, water or direct sunlight. This is the major reason most of the panels are installed in the dark rooms.

These are some of the common mistakes and their simple solutions. Wake up and don’t repeat any of the above mistakes, or else, it will cost you more than you even think… Electrical Panel Upgrade

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