Choosing a Fire Fighting Water Pump

Fire Fighting Water Pump

A fire fighting pump is a high-pressure water pump that is used for spraying water to combat or extinguish a fire. These pumps can be either portable or built to be installed on a vehicle (integrated or front-mounted). Fire fighting pumps are often also used in agriculture for transfer, boom spraying, irrigation, stock watering and washdown jobs, as well as other applications that require pressurised water.

When choosing a fire fighting water pump, it is important to consider the specifications and information about the product carefully. You should pay particular attention to the PSI and GPM ratings. PSI refers to the pressure (how much force) that the pump can generate, while GPM is the amount of water it can move in a certain amount of time.

The maximum head is another important factor when selecting a fire fighting water pump. This is the height that the pump can lift water to, and is usually measured in metres. A high maximum head is important for fire fighting because it allows the pump to shoot water at a fire with higher pressure.

In order to achieve a high head, the pump must be equipped with the correct suction and discharge hoses. The suction hose needs to be of a size that is manageable by the pump, whilst the discharge hose should have a diameter that is large enough to allow the water to escape easily.

The type of engine that the fire fighting water pump uses is also important. The engine must be powerful enough to create the high pressure that is required, while at the same time being quiet and economical to run. Many fire fighting water pumps are petrol powered, although some are diesel engines.

Whether the fire fighting water pump is electric or recoil start will also be a consideration. Electric start fire fighting pumps operate by turning a key on the side of the pump, while recoil start fire fighting pumps have a handle or cable that needs to be pulled to start the pump.

The Koshin SEH-40H fire fighting pump is an excellent option for those looking to buy a portable fire fighting water pump. It has a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to transport and use. The only downside of this pump is that it doesn’t come with a roll cage, so users will need to plan ahead and affix it to a suitable solid surface near a water source.

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