Choosing a Camper Refrigerator

Choosing the right camper refrigerator is key to keeping your food and beverages cold on your camping adventure. There are several factors to consider when selecting the fridge for your RV, including storage capacity, power requirements and size of your camper.

If your fridge isn’t cooling it may be a sign that the cooling coils aren’t working properly. You can check this by using a thermometer to see if the food compartment is actually cooling or not. If it isn’t, you can narrow down the problem to either the 120-volt AC system or the cooling coils. In the latter case, you can try checking to make sure the circuit breaker in the fridge’s electrical panel hasn’t tripped. You can also check the actual power cord for the fridge to make sure it’s plugged in its dedicated outlet. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you’ll need to call an RV technician.

Pros: These fridges work off both propane and electric, so they can operate when you’re not connected to shore power. They also tend to use less power than absorption fridges, so they are a good option for boondocking. Cons: They can be noisy and they do not run as efficiently as compressor fridges. These fridges also require venting on the back so they don’t overheat in extreme heat or cold.

Alpicool uses LG compressors in their camper fridges, which are known to be efficient. They have a low price point and many van lifers have used them without issue. They are a great option for anyone building a budget camper fridge. camper refrigerator

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