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Bella Vista is a golf resort village located in the northwest corner of the state. It is nestled in the southern part of the Ozark mountains and the northern part of the Boston Mountains. It has seven golf courses and seven lakes. Bella Vista has become known as one of the top places to live in the United States according to many leading sources. It’s government is split between the Property Owner’s Association and the City of Bella Vista.

It has approximately 30,000 residents as of 2010. It has three different school districts that the children attend, depending on where they live: Bentonville school district, Gravette school district and Pea Ridge school district. Bella Vista has approximately 40,000 building lots spread over sixty square miles, and is comprised of 311 subdivisions. The Bella Vista Property Owner’s Association is primarily responsible for the village’s amenities, such as the golf courses, the lakes, the recreational facilities and some of the restaurants, although many eating establishments are contracted out to privately run companies. Bella Vista residents enjoy a variety of activities, including indoor and outdoor swimming, tennis, golf, shuffleboard, racquetball, bastketball, walking trails and dog parks, card clubs, US State clubs such as the Nebraska Club or the Minnesota Club (you can join the club of the state that you prefer, they have an abundance of activities and social gatherings throughout the year), aerobics, billiards, a gun range, parks for the kids, miniature golf, boating and water sports and a host of other highlights. The main highway that bisects Bella Vista is Highway 71, also known as Highway 540.

Of the massive amount of Bella Vista lots, only about 10,000 to 12,000 have homes or town houses on them. Bella Vista is a set in a scenic part of the state; typical views include valleys, trees, hills, golf courses or lakes, and of course the wonderful scenes of nature such as deer, squirrels, opossums, thousands of species of birds and the occasional fox or coyote. Most all of the lots that are not built on yet still lie in their original and natural state, full of tall trees and wildlife. The roads are winding through the terrain and they will take you up and down mild hills. All lots have roads and water to them.

AR, Bella Vista has a unique flare to it for it’s landowners, whether that be just a lot or home: it grants each landowner membership into the golf courses and all other resort amenities. And although the golf courses and other activities are open to the general public, members enjoy special rates on these and have the right to vote on various issues concerning the village. Bella Vista lots are reasonably priced, especially when compared to other resort type areas throughout the United States, with lots starting at as little as $3500. Owners of vacant lots pay only $16 per month for their membership privileges. Unlike many resort communities or subdivisions, Bella Vista does not require you to build within a certain amount of time; you may freely purchase a lot now and then build on it five years down the line. Or, you may decide not to build at all, but to buy a lot as an investment. Many people purchase Bella Vista land just to be able to enjoy the resort amenities with their families. Another advantage is that there is not initial buy-in fee for membership to the resort. You only need to buy a lot or a house and you are automatically a member.

AR, Bella Vista homes are also reasonably priced, by comparison to other parts of the nation. A typical new three bedroom, two bathroom house can be purchased for between $80 and $100 per foot. Because of the terrain of Northwest Arkansas, NWA (northwest Arkansas) homes often times have walk out basement plans – a nice feature for that extra storage or for that finished or unfinished basement. This is also a plus for many who enjoy the views of the wooded common areas, as their decks are up higher and allow for more of a panoramic perspective.

Of all the cities in Northwest Arkansas, Bella Vista is the only one that is a complete resort community. Adding to the nature like feel of the village is the stipulation that there are no mobile homes, no unsightly colors or patterns, and other covenants that keep the village “natural” looking. Accompanying this standard is the feature of the lots that is also uncommon: each lot borders common property green space, also known in some areas as a greenbelt. So you, as an owner, are guaranteed to have untouched areas on at least one border of your lot. Most lots have two or three sides that remain untouched by development. And because Bella Vista building lots are so inexpensive and the HOA fee of $16 per month is so reasonable, many homeowners often look for two or three lots together so that they can enjoy some elbow room, or build a nice large garage or outbuilding or a circle drive. It is not uncommon to find two or three adjacent lots in our golf resort that are available for purchase. The lots, for the most part, are not owned by the original developer, but rather by individuals. I personally have several listed from which to choose, so please consider letting me help you should you have any interest in our area. allstate customer service

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