Benefits of a Solid Conservatory Roof

A solid conservatory roof offers a host of benefits and is a great way to turn a disused or unusable space into an integral part of your home. It will transform how you use your conservatory all year round, and could significantly increase the value of your property.

You’ll find a wide variety of solid conservatory roofs available to you, with different finishes and styles allowing you to choose a look that perfectly matches your existing home. As well as providing outstanding thermal performance, a solid roof will block out unwanted noise and light, making your conservatory an all-year-round living space you can truly enjoy.

The insulation in a solid conservatory roof is designed to be superior to glass or polycarbonate options, minimizing heat loss in winter and preventing excessive heating in summer, thereby reducing energy bills. With the rising focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, a solid conservatory roof is a welcome addition to any household.

Adding a solid roof to your conservatory will also boost the overall security of your home. While polycarbonate roofs are easily tampered with, the hard fixed structure of a solid conservatory roof makes it much more difficult to gain entry.

Replacing a conservatory roof with a solid or tiled option isn’t something you want to attempt on your own. The job requires multiple labourers over the course of a few days and should only be carried out by experienced tradesmen. This will ensure that the new solid roof is fully integrated into your existing conservatory, and complies with any applicable building regulations. Look for a national installer with a good reputation and look for LABC Registered Details certification, which is proof that the new roof has been approved by local building control departments.

Both Ultraframe’s solid roof option, the Livinroof, and their tiled roof option, the Ultraroof, offer a high level of thermal protection, and come with a number of decorative finishing options to match your existing conservatory and the rest of your property. This includes a range of tiles and finishes, from the classic slate look to contemporary minimalist grey panels.

A solid conservatory roof will add a sense of space to your existing conservatory, and the high ceilings mean you can install Velux windows for added natural lighting. This will not only create a more comfortable living area, but will make your conservatory feel bigger, and help to open up the view of your garden and surrounding countryside. Having an extended room that can be used all year round will enhance your quality of life, and will be a real selling point when the time comes to move house. It will also raise your conservatory’s property value, and could add a significant amount to the asking price of your home. Unlike other renovations, such as replacing the doors or windows, a new solid conservatory roof will be a quick and cost effective way to boost your home’s appeal. Get in touch to arrange your free-of-charge quotes from three or more of our national and local approved Ultra Installers.

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