Back Pain by Shoulder Blade

back pain by shoulder blade describes a nagging ache or soreness in the area between your shoulder blades. It can vary in intensity from mild to severe and is often accompanied by tenderness or weakness in other muscles of the upper back, neck, or shoulders. There are many reasons for this pain, ranging from simple sports injuries to serious heart conditions.

Often, a muscle knot or tense muscle is the culprit of this type of pain. It will usually feel tight or tender to touch and can limit your mobility. For example, you may be unable to reach up to shelves or twist your body. These knots can also be painful because of the pressure they place on your shoulder and spine.

A rib that becomes misaligned or strained is another common cause of shoulder blade pain. This can happen from lifting a heavy object, playing a sport, or even reaching for something overhead. Sharp pain near a rib can be a sign of a compressed or dislocated rib. A rib that pops out of place or becomes misaligned can irritate the muscles in your chest, which can make breathing difficult.

A doctor will be able to identify the source of your shoulder blade pain. They will run tests to determine the cause, and create a treatment plan to relieve it. For example, they might recommend hot or cold therapy to reduce swelling and decrease the tension in the muscles in your upper back and shoulder. It is also helpful to prevent back pain by taking precautions such as sitting and standing upright, avoiding slouching, and using ergonomic office and home furniture to support your posture.

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